The Science


RX Green’s flagship product is our all natural, botanical Cannabinoid Transdermal Patch.

Your skin is the most effective barrier of your body and the Cannabinoid molecule is too big to penetrate the skin barrier down to the blood stream.  Carriers or enhancers are required for an effective, successful Transdermal Patch application.  RX Green’s Transdermal Patches use a proprietary blend of all natural plant extracts (unlike our competitors) to deliver all the health benefits of Cannabinoids down to the blood stream for true bioavailability with no chemical enhancers with up to 12 hours of sustained release and proven results.

cbd-300x160Born out of our commitment to provide the most consistent and precise Transdermal Patch dosing on the market; RX Green uses FDA approved coating equipment, liners and foam backing to ensure that every Transdermal Patch we produce meets our strict standards for our customers. RX Green has created the safest and most effective way to use the healing powers of Cannabinoids to date in the industry.

Do you know what is in your patch?


All Natural

Do you know what's in your patch?