Auto Pilots

RX Green Auto Pilots

A safe and effective delivery method for your medicine, mixed with Omega-3, auto-pilots offer a unique & healthy experience unlike anything else on the market. Capsules also offer the added benefit of dosing at your preferred levels, whether you need one or a few, auto-pilots give you the desired effect every time.

Vape Carts

RX Green Vape Cartridge

Classic vaping of our CO2 oil. High quality metal carts and a quality CO2 oil make our cartridges one of the best available, batteries available on request.

Golden Oil Syringe

RX Green Golden Oil Syringe

Our golden oil is the best of the best of our extractions, and the most pure form of the oil. Bake, vape, consume in any way you want and get the effect you’re after with exact precision. Available in sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD to provide a quality experience.

Bubble Hash

RX Green Bubble Hash

Bubble hash crafted by our experts in house, each batch carefully ran and maintained through the entire process, the best goes in and the absolute best comes out. Processing available, contact us and a sales rep will assist.

Canna Creme

RX Green CannaCreme

Essential daily SPF moisturizing lotion, infused with our RX Green Golden Oil for a silky lightweight coverage.

All Natural

Do you know what's in your patch?